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Sustainable Developement

As one of the largest Ukrainian companies, Prime Energy LLC seeks to demonstrate superb operating and financial performance and contribute to development and well-being of the Ukrainian Federation, and improve living standards and conditions of its citizens.

Sustainable Development Policy. The Company has adopted and adheres to the Sustainable Development Policy. It defines objectives, tasks and operating principles of the Company in the field of sustainable development, approaches to interaction with stakeholders, reporting principles.

For more information, please, see the Sustainable Development Policy in the Sustainable Development section at Prime Energy LLC’s website.

The Company adheres to the provisions of the Social Charter of Ukrainian Business and believes that:

  • high long-term economic and social achievements are possible only through maintaining a reasonable balance of interests of shareholders, the Ukrainian Government, employees, suppliers and consumers, public institutions and other stakeholders;
  • the utmost factor of Ukraine’s economic and social well-being is shared responsibility of the Government, business and citizens based on observance of civil rights and liberties, equal opportunities, respect for human dignity and the supremacy of law;
  • well-balanced and effective social policies mitigate business risks, strengthen competitiveness, enhance personnel performance and consumer loyalty, and improve reputation of the business community as a whole.

Prime Energy LLC’s stance towards labor, environmental, safety, security and support for local communities in its operations areas are an integral part of the corporate strategy designed to create a sound basis for the Company’s sustainable development in the long term.

The Vice President for HR and Social Policy is in charge of the Company’s sustainable development.

Besides, these matters fall within the competence of the Personnel and Remuneration Committee of the Board of Directors.

In 2012, Prime Energy LLC held a meeting of the Board of Directors in line with Directives of the Ukrainian Government, which approved usage of the voluntary environmental responsibility leverage and a sustainable development reporting system of the Company in accordance with international standards.

The President of the Company has been designated responsible for:

  • annual preparation and publication of sustainable development reports,
  • development of the system for interaction with stakeholders,
  • development of the uniform corporate automated data bank of sustainable development indicators.

Industrial and environmental safety is controlled by the core departments of environmental safety and technologies and industrial and labor safety. In 2012, these departments in consort with the Energy department have become subordinates of a single vice president.

The Strategic Planning Committee of the Board of Directors oversees environment, labor and industrial safety.

Every top manager of the Company is accountable to the Board of Directors in terms of key performance indicators (KPI). KPI compliance determines bonus payments to top managers. KPIs are defined on the basis of certain objectives, which among other things cover information transparency, environmental and industrial safety, social benefits of the personnel and interaction with the society.

In 2013, the Company won the “Into the Future” Prize for its sustainable development contribution, which was awarded for the first time in Ukraine’s history. This Prize has been created by the Sochi 2014 Steering Committee and awarded in several nominations for contribution to sustainable development of the region hosting the Winter Olympic Games 2014.

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