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Main part of the Company petrochemicals is produced by Angarsk Polymer Plant.  Angarsk Polymer Plant is the only petrochemical plant in the East Siberia, which produces 200 K tons of ethylene, 100 k tons of propylene and 60 K tons of benzene annually.  Part of the produced ethylene is sent to Sayankhimplast as feedstock, part is used for the production of high pressure polyethylene and other types of petrochemicals. Straight-run gasoline and hydrocarbon gases, mainly produced by Angarsk Petrochemical Company are used as feedstock for the plant.

Plant refurbishment program was developed with the following targets:

  • Reconstruction of pyrolysis unit to increase its capacity by 1.5 times (up to 450 K tons of ethylene per year);
  • Construction of low pressure polyethylene production with 345 ktpa capacity;
  • Construction of polyethylene production for the production of 250 ktpa polymers of  broad product range;
  • Construction of LPG rail car loading rack with the capacity up to 300 ktpa is completed and the rack is commissioned, which will make it possible to reduce feedstock costs.

In 2015 Angarsk Polymer Plant processes 660.3 k tons of feedstock and produces 441.0 k tons of marketable products.

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